Saturday, 27 October 2012

when are you going to contact me?
I have waiting for you in a long time.
I'm worried that something will happen to you.
I have waiting for a long time.
you said that you will message me in evening.
I'm still waiting.  :'(
I have wait for your reply since last night.
suddenly, this afternoon you reply.
but, not for message me.
only to inform me that someone borrowing your phone.
I really-really sad.
you don't want me to reply.
I want to say that I MISS YOU.
but, with the sentences that you say 'don't reply this message'.
my feeling become not comfortable.
I need you.
I feel been alone from last night during you suddenly not reply my message although I have call and you not pick up the call.
I know you are tired.
but, at least tell me when are you going to sleep.
I'm feel so lonely.
sleeping alone.

my feeling : SAD :'(

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